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Your home is your sanctuary. Let Action Window Tinting help make you feel more comfortable in your sanctuary.

With years of experience under our belts, our expert installers can help you make an informative decision to help you with HEAT, FADING, GLARE, AESTHETICS, and SAFETY.

HEAT CONTROL: Large windows offer a great view, yet they allow the sun’s rays to penetrate your home in the form of heat. An Action Window Tinting professional can show you how to control that heat across your home to reduce hot spots and help your cooling system work more efficiently. When your AC unit takes a break, your wallet smiles!

FADING: There are 3 main contributing factors when dealing with fading..

  • 40% of fading is caused by UV light
  • 25% of fading is caused by HEAT
  • 25% of fading is caused by VISIBLE LIGHT
  • The remaining 10% is caused by other miscellaneous factors such as moisture in the air and interior lighting

Our professionals can help you virtually eliminate fading on your hardwood floors, furniture, artwork, draperies etc. NO ONE can stop fading. The fading process can only be slowed down drastically to the point you will no longer notice it.

All of our films reject 99% of the UV rays. We can reject as much as 84% of the sun’s heat, and let in as little light as 7%. Let an Action Window Tinting specialist help you find the perfect film to best suit your needs.

GLARE: Whether you’re having issues with glare on your computer screen or on the TV, we have the perfect film to end your struggles. Our most popular film boasts a 60% glare reduction, however we have the ability to reduce glare by as much as 94%. Let an Action Window Tinting representative help you pick the perfect shade.

AESTHETICS: You’ve spent countless hours decorating each room to give it that perfect look, yet each room looks different from the outside of your home. Window film will give you an even look across your entire home to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

SAFETY: All films installed by Action Window Tinting are at least 2 mil thick. Once applied and cured, these films will lessen the chances of stray pieces of glass in the unfortunate event of cracked or shattered window panes. Should a tree limb shatter a window in a wind storm, this will mean less clean-up and less of a chance of stepping in shards of glass.

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About Our Company

  • Quality ServiceSince 2000

Action Window Tinting has had the pleasure of helping our customers choose window film applications for commerical, residential and automotive applications.

With a wide variety of window tint films to choose from, our expert installers possess the knowledge necessary to aid you in making an informative decision and find the right window tint film to meet your needs